A verily commendable work presentation shown by Alert4shutter Ltd. team, the installation took place at a retail stores located in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. This job will indeed steal your stare when you drive around these stores.

It is hearkening for our crew members who are always ready to delineate their work in a given period of time considering the budget of the customer. Solid Roller Shutter has been proved as an antagonist for every burglar, smuggler.

Solid Roller Shutters

We being a custom designer and manufacturer have made the Roller Shutter tough and stringent. That goes through ordeal tests to make sure, it will help the owner, to focus on other aspects of the business and leaving security with us.

Work Carried Out by? | Favorable Merits | Guidance

Work is carried out by just a push of a button on a panel, i.e. mounted on the wall. That button triggers a Single Phase Tubular Motor which is entitled to Start, Stop and Pause the shutter. Not only that, the reason behind picking up this motor only, was because of its benefits.


  • Cheap: the biggest reason that we recommended this to the owner of the stores was, it is very light on the pocket! It doesn’t snatch more money to get the work done.


  • Lasts Long: single phase tubular motor is known to abide for an extensive period of time.


  • Install & Forget: once the motor is installed, it will provide you eternally, everlasting performance.


  • Low Maintenance: these type of motors requires a negligible amount of maintenance, though if kept in a regular use, and avoided overload, it doesn’t even need that lower maintenance.

Guidance: the owner came to the team with the requirement of 3 Solid Roller Shutters for his business retail outlets, the team guidelines have this project successful, we also, advised to go with RAL 9005 matt Color. That indeed looks posh and attracting many people.