Solid Roller Shutter Installed at Children’s Amusement Centre in Preston, Lancashire

Unbeatable security levels with a convenience of a single phase tubular motor have brought peace of mind to the faculty, children and parents. Nowadays, roller shutters can be seen at almost every shop, offices, restaurants, garages, farms etc. which has a reason behind it that explains itself.

Solid Roller Shutter

Here, at Amusement Centre it is a must-have for an entry gate. The owner was looking for a company, where manufacturing and designing are taken care of under one roof. Alert4Shutter Limited was recommended to the owner as our work is clear, popular, apparent and profound.

Discussing the requirements and facilities necessarily needed, cards are shown and the game began to progress. The products used whether it be material, products and other fitting equipment, were of superior quality so that it does not fade out its rigidity and functionality in the long run.


Factors That Explains Everything! | Foredeals | Why Rolling Shutter?

Factors That Explains Everything:

Factors such as accuracy in work, tensile strength, toughness, aesthete representer. The bravado to showcase above skills came from supreme metal (Aluminium) with a bold design to beat all the negative impacts. Few being corrosion, metal degradation, improper functioning.


  • Weather Defender: hardly matters what are the weather situations, Solid Roller Shutters has got you covered.
  • Invader Prohibiter: with a perseverance of Aluminium, it will upset the interloper to trespass the property.
  • Long Stability: being able to hold on its ground position, Aluminium is the king of all metals, no suspicion in that.

Why Rolling Shutter:

The reason explains it all. Why is that so! It is because of Amenities, all are described below:

  • Single Phase Tubular Motor: to carry out the work like a boss, this motor holds enough caliber to handle the job with precision.
  • But Why Rolling ones? in today’s modernized world, nobody prefers to do undesired tedious work, here motor is doing all the dead-beat action for you. Isn’t that great? Of course, it is.

Roller Shutter Repairs :

Improper usage or false approach can disbalance the function. Where it might bring a problem in the tubular motor, or shutter misbehaviour. Don’t worry about any, we got your back in any circumstances. Reach us via any modes of contact, and we will guide or reach your doorstep in a couple of minutes.