Never compromise on security for beauty of Aluminium Shopfronts

Shopfronts are the most important part of any shop as the amount of footfall it attracts, depends directly upon the look of it’s entrance. Hence, shopfronts are the building block of any business. With this idea in mind, shop owners sometimes compromise on the level of security shopfront would offer in future. Aluminium Shopfronts are the most preferred shopfronts these days they allow the shop owners to build a beautiful entrance along with unbeatable level of security.

Alert4Shutter Ltd. is an established name in the market as it offers the most appealing looks to shops without compromising on the safety and security. One of our customer from Basildon, Essex got a stunning Shopfront installed in his shop which allowed him to attract a lot of customers. But, the shopfront was not strong which made it easy for thieves to get in.

In order to not let our customer face the same problem in future, we installed Aluminium Shopfronts with around 15mm thickness, shiny black colour with texture and best locking system. This not only provided the owner a desirable look for his shop, but also the unparalleled standard of security.