Our experienced team of engineers have recently executed another incredible job in Central London. The roller shutter installed has a full automatic system that means it has a tube which has engine fitted in it. The motor operates the shutter without using manual power. We do most of our shutter with power coated powder or galvanised. For extra security bullet locks, safety edge, photocells, operating with mobile phone and ground locks can be fitted to the shutters.

This particular job we did was completed in two days time. The first day our team took the old fittings and cleared all excess around the entrance than we fitted the frame and the glass was successfully installed. Our team of members are fully health and safety trained. Our company provides ongoing training to staff which includes handling of all the tools and types of equipment they use, health and safety risks, handling of chemicals, first aid etc. All our team members been regularly sent on different courses as we think requires to add up their qualification and skills. We carry out risk assessment regularly to make sure our staff and our clients are always safe when we carry out the jobs.

We always make sure we send one first aid trained member in each of our teams.

Well back to above job first day we did taking off the old fittings and cleaning all the area with completing the installation of frame and the glass. Second day our team installed the automatic roller shutter. We do try to finish the jobs in given time but yes as no one is perfect some occasions due to not meeting the requiements of time and schedule the jobs do get delayed. We don’t believe in rushing things and just finishing jobs but we do believe in giving excellent service without any compromise in the quality of work. We ¬†always prefer to listen to our clients for their requirements and than finalising the outcome.